Creating a script or plugin

So I am thinking about hiring somoene to create a script that would repeat the same actions of importing the images, transforming them and exporting them and adding names to exported files.

I wonder how is it done in slicer?

  1. what language should this developer know?
  2. is a plugin or a script requred?

Thank you in advance and look forward to your responses


While C++ could be usable, too, it would be harder to keep it compatible with new Slicer versions.

You only need 3D Slicer and the custom script that you will get developed.

Do you know where one could find developers?

I talked to some guys on fiver and they told me they are not familiar with those concepts…

I tried to explain them what is volume and how images are loaded, they said they never did something similar like this.


Also is there some way to record actions inside of Slicer and then to just repeat them with a simple click…

THAT WOULD tremendously help in the script because script would be extremely short and maybe not evne needed

You can contact Slicer commercial partners or write a post in the jobs category in this forum.

I don’t see that “jobs” category… only “development” category

It is a subcategory within Announcements category. I’ve updated it for you.