Slicer training

Dear all,

Kitware will be holding a Slicer training course on March 25th 2019 in Lyon, France. This one-day course will cover Slicer interface, loading and manipulating dataset (registration and manual segmentation) and an introduction on writing your own modules/plugins.

Please visit our website for more information, registration details and other trainings (ITK, VTK, ParaView…):

Note that the course will be taught in English. If you have any questions, please contact us at training at or email me directly.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Lyon,


Hi Julien,

Thank you for organizing this training programme. Unfortunately I am unable to participate but do you have any other options please.

I am an orthopaedic surgical fellow in Australia, and I use slicer a lot for my research work. I d like to be able to do simple python scripts to facilitate my work. apart from tutorials ( I ve gone through almost everything relevant to me) are there any online courses/ webinars etc. I have no programming knowledge ( I am training to become a surgeon) but keen to be able to do simple scripts.

At the moment I am manually transferring 800 numbers one by one foe each of my scans, ( tracking data) from slicer to excel because I do not know how to do a script in Python.

Your advice is much appreciated.


Kind regards


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Hi Melanie,

Have you considered these resources:

You may want to create a new topic on Discourse, explain a bit more your need and ask for some guidelines.

Best regards,

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Hi @Melanie -

You might look into ResBaz - there have been some good Slicer training resources there and the organizers would probably appreciate feedback about your research interests:

I agree with @finetjul that posting a problem statement on discourse could also help.


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