Creating multiple labels from a single label

Hi all
I have some ct scans that give me all vertebrae labelled as one segment. I have been trying to figure out how to convert into individual segments where each segment is a specific vertebra but haven’t been able to do.
I have tried using the erase tool to demarcate each vertebra as separated but still the segment editor recognizes them as a single label.
Any suggestions or ideas would be great!

If you have all vertebrae as a single segment, then you should be able to use a number of different effects in segment editor to separate them out.

  1. If vertebrae are not touching, easiest would be using the Island tool with the option separate islands into segments.
  2. For the ones that remained connected after #1, you can use the scissors tool with FILL option. Make sure the active segment is an empty one and Editable Area of the Masking options is set to Inside Segment_XXX, where Segment_XXX is the segment that contains the remaining vertebra.
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This worked!! Thanks a lot