creating surface mapping

I have volume Ultrasound data and I am able to reconstruct object volume from it.
Is there a way to reconstruct surface mapping using the software? as in to see only the first layer of the desired object creating a continuous surface?

thank you

You mean like a segmentation? See:

thank you for your reply.

i basically need to do surface rendering but for the inside of a hollow viscus…

I am looking at kidney or a urinary bladder with my ultrasound images - and I would like to make a rendering of the interior surface of the structure and not the exterior one - how can i do that?

thank you


To see the internal surface of a model or segmentation you have several options:

  • Simplest: go inside - center the 3D view and zoom in until you get inside (for models, make sure you set Visible sides: all).
  • If input is segmentation node: make it hollow using Hollow effect in Segment editor, and then cut it using scissors or erase effect.
  • If input is model node: clip it using Models module and move slice views.

You can use any of the methods for any input by converting between model<->segmentation node using Segmentations module (Import/Export section).