Segment edit creat surface does work for inner ear segmentation

When we use the Editor module to segment inner ear from CT data,it works well.But when using the segment edit module,the 3D view by creat surface is quite different from the stl module create by Editor module.
I find that:
1.segment edit creat surface 3D view is smoother,but lost details
2.Paint with size <%1 diameter will not work
3. Does some parameter that can adjust exist?

In segmentations module,i export modules,and it is just as segment edit creat surface 3D view .Than i export Labelmap,and make moduleeffect in Edit module,the 3D view is quite different.

While you can tune surface generation parameters (by clicking Update button for Closed surface representation in Segmentations module), losing details is most likely due to large voxel size: if your voxels are large then you either have staircase artifacts or smooth surface. I would suggest to reduce voxel size of the original master volume using Crop volume module.

Brush size has to be at least as big as the voxel size.

Could you please explain what do you mean?

Default surface generation parameters (more precisely, Binary labelmap to Closed surface conversion rule paramters) in Segmentations are set up for creating surface without staircase artifacts. If you prefer having these artifacts then change conversion parameters.

Thanks for your replay, It helps me a lot. By set Smoothing factor to 0, it works. But still there is some bug exits. I upload the video for better explain.