Creation of ROI aligned with freehand ultrasound sweeps -- how to rotate the ROI?


I think my question is quite a beginner question, but since a year now I am doing freehand 3D ultrasound and I just realised that the ROI I am using has a lot of impact on my volume reconstruction.
I am therefore trying to adjust the ROI the more possible to the axis of my sweeps.
However I cannot find how to rotate the ROI ? I tried applying a transform to the ROI, but then the volume reconstruction did not work anymore …

Thanks in advance for your help,

Currently in the Volume Reconstructor module in Slicer you cannot specify axis directions. I’ve submitted an issue to make sure it gets implemented:

Would you like to give it a try and implement it. We can help you getting started, but it requires basic C++ programming skills.

Alternatively, you can rotate your entire reference coordinate system by applying adding a custom transformation. For example, you can add ReferenceToRotatedReference) and send all transforms and images in RotatedReference instead of Reference.

Thank you for your quick answer.
I apologize but I do not think I have the skills to implement this in Slicer …

As you offered, I applied a custom transformation to my full trial and the volume reconstruction worked well !
However, my ROI and the axis of my sweeps change for each acquisition I do, since I am sweeping different muscles of different sizes in different body positions … . so it would be a lot easier for me if it was possible to directly adjust the ROI size and orientation.

How can I be kept updated if that becomes possible someday?
Thanks again,

Watch the issue referenced above. I think you can set automatic email notification when the state of the issue changes.