Cropped volume to inherit display preferences

In the Crop Volume module a user can create a new volume by cropping an existing volume.

Where the existing volume has a display Preset configured for 3D rendering in the Volume Rendering module and/or display settings (Lookup Table and Window/Level) configured for slice display in the Volumes module, the cropped volume loses this information.

I think it would be a nice default for the cropped volume to inherit this information from the original volume.


With a Slicer preview version, my cropped lung CT (top) gets the same volume window/level preset (“Lung CT”) as the source CT (bottom) [image source @PaoloZaffino open source COV dataset]

Hello, Rudolf.
Just today I have downloaded and installed the latest preview (4.13.0-2021-12-08).
I can confirm that in this version of 3D Slicer the cropped volume:

  • does inherit the 2D slice display settings (per Volumes module); but
  • does not inherit the 3D reconstruction display settings (per Volume Rendering module).


Sry, late reply. Thank you.

Is cropping and then volume rendering something you use often and lose too much time when selecting the preset? Could you maybe better crop inside volume rendering by using its ROI function? That is what I always do …

You can choose to share volume rendering and cropping settings between multiple volumes. By default they are different, but in Volume Rendering module / Inputs section you can select the same ROI and Property nodes.

But I think @rbumm’s suggestion of cropping in Volume Rendering module is probably a better idea. You can later select the same ROI in Crop Volume module.

Hello, Rudolf & Andras.

I would be regularly cropping (in the Crop Volume module) and volume rendering according to my current ‘workflow’. I don’t think I would say “often”, though: it would generally be once per CT scan. This is for the purposes of segmentation, specifically:

  • reducing the volume to be segmented (cutting computational load, and making it easier to see what’s going on); and
  • improving the sampling properties (resolution & aspect ratio of voxels), as per the advice below.

On the other hand I do often use the cropping within the Volume Rendering module purely for visualisation. AFAIK, the functionality in that module is not able to restrict the voxels being segmented, nor resample. Did I miss something?