CT Perfusion coregistration with DWI

Hi I am trying to prepare ground truth for a CT Perfusion based stroke study. First I am trying to coregister CTP source images with the DWI and then I have to perform segmentation of dwi images.
I am a physician by training and I am just learning to work on slicer for the past few weeks.
I tried to register mri using elastix module. but I am not able to find the CTP images in the module.
CTP source images are multivolume, do I have to separate a single volume before proceeeding with registration using elastix module?

Sequence registration (that can freeze the heart motion of CTP images so that you can see the perfusion more clearly) requires volume sequence input.

You need to load your image series as Volume sequence: In Advanced settings in DICOM module choose volume sequence loadable in the table. If you load from nrrd, choose ‚Äúvolume sequence‚ÄĚ in Description column.

Thanks Dr. Lasso,

I am also getting this error
Error: type object ‚ÄėMRMLCorePython.vtkMRMLTransformNode‚Äô has no attribute ‚ÄėGetMovingNodeReferenceRole‚Äô
When I am performing registration using elastix module.



This error has been fixed. If you update SlicerElastix extension then the problem should go away.

Thank you very much. Now it works fine
best regards

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