Ctrl+Z crashes Slicer sometimes

Hi to everyone :slight_smile:

Today I’m having some bad responses when I try to use Ctrl+Z shortcut in segmentEditor. The shortcut is not modified (his function is Undo).

In my complete routine program, Ctrl+Z works well some of the times, but after a few steps ( One of them is reduce the number of Undo using slicer.modules.SegmentEditorWidget.editor.setMaximumNumberOfUndoStates(1)), then, when I try to use again the shortcut, it blocks the Slicer UI and finally closes the app.

It is a very disappointing issue, so if anyone could give me any advices I would be grateful.


Pd: I mentioned a similar behaviour in Slicer UI a few weeks ago (Segment Editor shortcurts does not work)

It would help a lot if you can find a way to reproduce this behavior using sample data and a set sequence of steps so the underlying issue can be isolated.

In the meantime, you should save frequently.

My (admittedly rather naive) thought would be to check your computer’s Memory usage in Task Manager if you’re on Windows, and if it seems to spike when this action is attempted, I would hazard a guess that the behavior you’re attempting to undo might be prompting a big change to the files and this might be causing the crash. I had an issue where slicer was crashing due to drive code I was passing into it for a bit, and it turned out that I was using way too much memory, which caused the crash.

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