Slicer crashes when loading segmentation editor

Hi all! So I am segmenting using 3D slicer and finished almost all of my project and saved it last night, but then today when I open up my segmentations saved from yesterday and attempt to open up segmentation editor, the program simply crashes and exits me out of slicer. I also cannot move on any of the three views and can only move in the 3D picture. I thought it was a disk space issue, but then I checked and still have more than 50 GB of disk left and restarting the computer produces the same problem. However, opening up an earlier version of my segmentations from a month ago opens segmentation editor nicely but I need the latest saved version of my segmentations. I am using the latest version of slicer as well so I do not know what is wrong. Thank You!

Can you try to load the individual files (the seg.nrrd and volume) individually as oppose to through a scene, and see if you can recover.
It will also be useful to reopen the slicer after the crash, go to help->Report a bug, and copy and paste the contents of the log one down the list (the top one would be the session you are in, so you need the one before that).