Curvature Analysis

I know that 3D Slicer utilizes VTK, is there any modules, or directions out there with python to be able to color a model based off from the curvature value of the surface? I know VTK has an implementation of this here:, but it’s a little complicated and I am trying to go for something more straight forward?

We are adding these kind of simple metrics to markups curves, but it may take up to a few more months to get there. If you need it sooner then you can temporarily use CurveMaker module.

The CurveMaker doesn’t seem to be able to perform any curvature analysis on an object, unless I’m wrong?

We don’t have anything built in for curvature display, but it should be pretty easy to set up a vtk pipeline to that adds the scalars and set up Slicer to display it on a model. Of course you’ll need to learn some vtk in order to do that.

CurveMaker is only for curves. The VTK example that you have found is a complete guide of how to compute it for surfaces. You can then use Slicer for showing it as point or cell scalar, as @pieper suggested above.