Exporting Curvature Data

Hello everyone,

I am using the Slicer VMTK extension in order to extract centerlines from a vascular tree. In addition to radius, I would also like to have the curvature at every point of the centerline (like I would get from “vmtkcenterlinegeometry” command using VMTK alone).
So far I found that the markups module internally calculates the curvature of an extracted centerline curve (which it uses to find the curvature mean and max measurements and also to color the centerline when chosen as active scalar). Unfortunately I cannot find a way to export these values. Whichever way of saving I choose (e.g. as Markups JSON), it only contains curvature mean/curvature max and radius, but not a curvature value per point. Is there any way to export/save these values which slicer seemingly calculates internally already?

At the moment I am trying to look into the python interactor in order to try and get my hands on them, but as I am not familiar with the VTK framework I am having a hard time finding the measurement data.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!