Custom build crash - MacOS 10.12

(Dominic White) #1

I’ve been trying to build Slicer from source, but I keep running into the following error when running the build:

2018-10-26 11:18:42.097 Slicer[1559:9595646] *** WARNING: Method userSpaceScaleFactor in class NSView is deprecated on 10.7 and later. It should not be used in new applications. Use convertRectToBacking: instead. 
Switch to module:  "Welcome"
Switch to module:  "Volumes"
ASSERT: "this->Table->rowHeight(i) == newHeight" in file /opt/S/CTK/Libs/Widgets/ctkMatrixWidget.cpp, line 252
error: [/opt/S/Slicer-build/bin/] exit abnormally - Report the problem.

This happens whenever I switch to the Volumes module (with or without data loaded).

OS: MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
XCode: Version 9.2 (9C40b)
clang: Apple LLVM version 9.0.0 (clang-900.0.39.2)
QT: 5.11.2
Cmake: 3.12.3

Slicer: Nightly-master branch (4.11.0 2018-10-23)

My cmake command is

I’ve been trying various combinations of this all week without success. Is there a likely cause of this problem? Wrong version of QT? When I try to compile the master-48 branch, I get this error:

In file included from /opt/Slicer/CTK-build/CTK-build/Libs/Widgets/moc_ctkPathListButtonsWidget_p.cpp:9:
/opt/Slicer/CTK/Libs/Widgets/ctkPathListButtonsWidget_p.h:60:49: error: unknown type name 'QItemSelection'
  void on_PathListWidget_selectionChanged(const QItemSelection& selected, const QItemSelection& deselected);

(Jean Christophe Fillion Robin) #2

Thanks for detailed report. Could you create an issue report on: ? Summarizing the problem and including a link to this post will be enough.

Also waiting we address the issue, you could do a Release build and you shouldn’t have problem.

You can do a release build passing the following option to cmake when configuring Slicer -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:STRING=Release.