Qt5 build : a few hiccups


(SET) #1

After using the Qt5 build for one week, here are some minor problems.

  1. Whenever an item is selected in the Fiducial/ROI/Ruler tool, the items get duplicated to an certain number of items that I didn’t count.

  2. In Volume Rending module, the items of the ‘View’ combobox are no longer checkable.

  3. Switching to module ‘SceneViews’ crashes Slicer :

  • Switch to module: “SceneViews”
  • qSlicerSceneViewsModuleWidgetPrivate::setupUi - Capture link not implemented with Qt5
  • qSlicerSceneViewsModuleWidgetPrivate::setupUi - Restore scroll bar position not implemented with Qt5
    As it says, it has yet to be implemented.

All these are found on today’s build after ‘git pull’ (2017-08-26).

I think developers might be interested in this post.


(Andras Lasso) #2

Thanks a lot for reporting - it’s very useful. I’ve added these issues to the Qt5 migration lab page.

(SET) #3

May I report one more crash source with the QT5/VTK8 build:

Any tool in the new segment editor crashes Slicer as soon as the corresponding button is pressed. The old segment editor is still functional.


(Andras Lasso) #4

Thanks, we’ll look into this! What operating system do you use?

(SET) #5

I use ArchLinux to build and run.

(Csaba Pinter) #6

@chir.set The issue has been fixed just now in https://github.com/Slicer/Slicer/commit/7de0d6a6e71694ac808a2e73da3fd3c3300f708c

(SET) #7

Thanks. But when I click on ‘Show details’ as per attached image, Slicer crashes immediately.


(Csaba Pinter) #8

Thanks for testing! Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this, as I only have a Windows build with Qt5. I’m building one on Mac now and see if it can be reproduced there. In the meantime @Davide_Punzo Can you please try to see if this is as easy to fix as the previous one? Thanks a lot!

(Davide Punzo) #9

https://github.com/Slicer/Slicer/pull/819 should fix it

(Csaba Pinter) #10

Thanks a lot, @Davide_Punzo! I integrated the pull request in https://github.com/Slicer/Slicer/commit/0c3f2cca8d11ed49d55724bca9ca166b08309d0d

@chir.set Please don’t get discourdaged and keep sending us any issues you find :slight_smile:

(SET) #11

Slicer crashes in Threshold Scalar Volume on ‘Apply’, if ‘Below’ a threshold value is selected. It doesn’t crash if ‘Above’ or ‘Outside’ is chosen. Using Qt5/VTK9 build on Linux.

(SET) #12

Slicer will crash on application exit if the ‘Standard Quantitative’ pane has been shown, whether it is shown or not on exit. Using Qt5/VTK9 build on Linux.

(Hollister Herhold) #13

Qt5 build failing on OS X 10.12.6. Was working a few days ago, sorry I can’t be more specific than that.

Configured with:

/Applications/CMake.app/Contents/MacOS/CMake -DQt5_DIR:PATH=/usr/local/opt/qt

First errors:

  • Skipping extension packaging: DataStore - Slicer_SOURCE_DIR is defined.

– Configuring remote module: CompareVolumes
– Configuring Scripted module: CompareVolumes

– Configuring remote module: LandmarkRegistration
– Configuring Scripted module: LandmarkRegistration
CMake Warning at Utilities/Scripts/SlicerWizard/doc/CMakeLists.txt:41 (message):
Warning: sphinx-build not found: Python documentation will not be created

– Setting ‘CTEST_MODEL’ variable with default value ‘Experimental’
– Setting ‘MIDAS_PACKAGE_URL’ variable with default value ‘http://slicer.kitware.com/midas3
– Setting ‘MIDAS_PACKAGE_EMAIL’ variable with default value ‘OBFUSCATED’
– Setting ‘MIDAS_PACKAGE_API_KEY’ variable with default value ‘OBFUSCATED’
– Setting CPACK_PACKAGE_NAME to ‘Slicer’
– Setting CPACK_PACKAGE_VERSION to ‘4.9.0-2018-01-13’
– Setting CPACK_PACKAGE_INSTALL_DIRECTORY to ‘Slicer 4.9.0-2018-01-13’
– Setting CPACK_PACKAGE_DESCRIPTION_FILE to ‘/Users/hherhold/Development/slicer/Slicer/README.txt’
– Setting CPACK_RESOURCE_FILE_LICENSE to ‘/Users/hherhold/Development/slicer/Slicer/License.txt’
– Setting CPACK_PACKAGE_DESCRIPTION_SUMMARY to ‘Medical Visualization and Processing Environment for Research’
– Setting CPACK_PACKAGE_ICON to ‘/Users/hherhold/Development/slicer/Slicer/Applications/SlicerApp/Resources/Slicer.icns’
– Configuring done
CMake Error at Libs/vtkAddon/CMakeLists.txt:94 (add_library):
Cannot find source file:


Tried extensions .c .C .c++ .cc .cpp .cxx .m .M .mm .h .hh .h++ .hm .hpp
.hxx .in .txx

CMake Error at Libs/vtkTeem/CMakeLists.txt:87 (add_library):
Cannot find source file:


Tried extensions .c .C .c++ .cc .cpp .cxx .m .M .mm .h .hh .h++ .hm .hpp
.hxx .in .txx

(Csaba Pinter) #14

Thanks! I will check out both issues on Monday.

(Csaba Pinter) #15

@hherhold I’ve started a Mac build (although it’s 10.13.1), will let you know how it went.

@chir.set I wasn’t able to reproduce the crash with either way, but I tried on Windows. If anyone uses Linux for development, please test this one. @jcfr could you try? Otherwise I’ll need to do a build on a VM. Thanks!

(Jean Christophe Fillion Robin) #16

Qt5 build failing on OS X 10.12.6. Was working a few days ago, sorry I can’t be more specific than that
Cannot find source file: … Libs/vtkTeem/vtkTeemHierarchy.stamp.txt

Thanks to @adamrankin, the issue related to VTK hierarchy stamps file should be fixed in r26834

ArchLinux … Any tool in the new segment editor crashes Slicer as soon as the corresponding button is pressed.

I am not able to reproduce the crash.

If this is still an issue, setting up a VM may be the best way forward.

(Davide Punzo) #17

this was fixed in the past in https://github.com/Slicer/Slicer/pull/819 and https://github.com/Slicer/Slicer/commit/0c3f2cca8d11ed49d55724bca9ca166b08309d0d

Instead I confirm this one:

Sorry, but I didn’t understand this other one:

(Davide Punzo) #18

In addition the linux version (at least my build)

  1. some & still appear in the comboboxes and icons in modules and views seems much smaller

    2)some menu have some misalignment. E.g. settings and data module:

(Csaba Pinter) #19

Thanks Davide! Was the module name in the module selector like this before (“Se&gment Editor”)?
Update: Nevermind I see the marking on the first screenshot.

(Davide Punzo) #20

you are welcome! the & issue (it shows in many places like the module menu, titles in plotting views, etc. ) was present before https://github.com/Slicer/Slicer/pull/864

The smaller icons (?), menu misalignment (ctkCollapsiblegroupbox?) and smaller ctkCollapsibleButton are a result of the new style set in https://github.com/Slicer/Slicer/pull/864.