Custom Size Segment

  1. Can some one please help me with in creating a custom Box shape area of segmentation like the Sphere in the “Manipulating objects in the slice viewer” ?

  2. Or is there a way to define the ROI and then create a segment out of the region within the ROI box ?
    I need to create a segment with define length and width and height.

  1. Is it possible to cut out multiple segments at once ?

The same example works for box shape, too. You can use vtkCubeSource instead of vtkSphereSource.

You can create a box using vtkCubeSource and create a model from that. This is done in SlicerIGT extension’s “Create models” module.

Yes. For this, set masking settings to “overwrite all other segments” and then create a new segment and fill that. If you fill a segment that will erase that region from all other segments.

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