Customize keyboard shortcuts in Slicer?

dear all,

I would like to change few keyboard shortcuts:

I work on an echo loop and I am doing somme segmentation.
to well identify structures, I often need to navigate quickly in the frames.

the normal schortcut to navigate through the frames is
Ctrl+shift+arrow left/right

may i change this shortcut to simply arrow left/right (to work with one hand and leave a hand for mouse).

I saw a 2020 post on this:

the link quoted is not anymore functional…
if we could find a solution without Pithon programmimg would be better…I am not a programmer…

Many thx for help!!

The Slicer script repository has moved to readthedocs: Script repository — 3D Slicer documentation

Arrow keys are used for so many things that it may be rarely remain unassigned, so I would recommend to use other keys. For example, you can use the q and w keys to move to previous/next frame:

# Load some sequence
# (this is just for testing, it is not needed if a sequence is already in the scene)
import SampleData
sequenceNode = SampleData.SampleDataLogic().downloadSample("CTPCardioSeq")

# Define functions to step to the next/previous item

def stepNext():
    sequenceBrowserNode = slicer.util.getModule('Sequences').toolBar().activeBrowserNode()

def stepPrevious():
    sequenceBrowserNode = slicer.util.getModule('Sequences').toolBar().activeBrowserNode()

# Create keyboard shortcuts for the functions

shortcutNext = qt.QShortcut(slicer.util.mainWindow())
shortcutNext.connect('activated()', stepNext)

shortcutPrevious = qt.QShortcut(slicer.util.mainWindow())
shortcutPrevious.connect('activated()', stepPrevious)

thanks for idea., i want to ask, is it possible to assign keyboard shortcut to default modules ( Data / Volumes / Models / Transforms … )
keys like 1,2,3… (alpha) by any chance, in my case, this will really help speed up