Help Finding Shortcut Keys

Does anyone know the shortcut keys for these:

  1. How to turn on/off the ‘eye’ icon next to the segments in ‘segment editor’?
  2. How to fill in the space when you paint a circle?
  3. Shortcut for the ‘Four Up’ key?

Here are some shortcut keys I have found:

  1. ‘W’ let’s you go forward on segments when painting/erasing
  2. ‘Q’ let’s you go backwards on segments when painting/erasing
    3.‘1’ turns on the paint
  3. ‘3’ turns on the eraser

Some keyboard shortcuts for the segment editor module can be found on the segment editor documentation page.

The user interface documentation page also includes information about other available keyboard shortcuts.

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Also note that you can define shortcuts to any Slicer functions by adding a couple of lines to your .slicerrc file as shown here: (it adds keyboard shortcuts for switching between view layouts).