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I have been trying to upload an mrb to the DataStore using the Slice module, I notice that uploaded data set does not have an index,json file that somehow describes the .png file that holds my scene view. Also, the metadata is missing the slicerdatastore metadata. If I add that metadata manually through the midas interface, my dataset shows up in the slicer datastore datasets.

Where is the upload process documented that describes the index.json file and how to get the meta data properly documented?

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Hi Bill,

Thanks for the note.

Current documentation is available here:

Could you could add a note on the wiki pages ?

@jc ,can you upload an mrb to the datastore and see if it appears in the Slicer DataStore. I have a feeling that the mechanism is broken. When I upload (using the Slicer Datastore module), the meta data is nor properly populated. I have tried this with my own mrb’s and mrb’s I have downloaded from the DataStore.


@jcfr @pieper Is the datastore broken? Can you upload a dataset and see if it shows up in the Slicer DataStore listing?

Hi Bill,

I didn’t have a chance to look into this yet. I will let you know as soon as I have an update.

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I would recommend to look at:

Sorry I can’t help. My php skills are 0.

Having an other look, the following module is responsible for the extraction of metadata associated with a MRB file is this one:

Note that revision 9a9e26f9 is used on the slicer server.

More specifically, the script in charge of extract the metadata is this one:

Generation of index.json happens here: