DataStore module: "The requested URL was not found on the server." error

In version 4.11.20210226 I am getting an error in the DataStore in both

  • Download Datasets
  • Upload Datasets.

# Not Found
The requested URL was not found on the server. If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again.

This is a newish installation, and to the best of my knowledge the URL set as the DataStore URL,, is whatever the application shipped with as the default URL.


Actually, the same issue is being experienced in the previous version of Slicer too, which I had previously used successfully for this with no error message.
Maybe the URL is correct, but the site is just temporarily down?

The servers were upgraded so the midas version doesn’t exist anymore. See this post about extensions and DataStore items.

Thanks, James.
I did search the forums for DataStore & URL, but didn’t make the connection to that post.

So I tried updating the DataStore URL to, and it seems to more-or-less work.
The above URL ‘should’ directly take one to the DataStore folder, but in Slicer it opens up initially at the root. After navigating through the directory structure in the Slicer interface, clicking to load one example (Robex Brain) I got an error message Failed to load data store page in the Data Store dialogue box. But in the topmost dialogue box, Add data into the scene, there was no error, and the selected data appears to load successfully.


Yes it is not expected to work to just update the URL in Slicer Stable code (4.11.20210226). Currently no development is expected to backport the new server work to latest Slicer stable. Instead the latest Slicer Preview where there aren’t any issues will soon become the new Slicer stable.

The Slicer DataStore server was developed at a time when open data repositories barely existed and self-hosting data was complicated and expensive. The world has changed and it does not make sense for the Slicer project to maintain a custom data hosting solution anymore.

All the old data sets are moved here, but there may be some that is not uploaded yet (see #5796 and #4602).