dcm contour propagation

Hi there, I am a newbie here and it is also the first time asking.

I have a CT image with a manual contour (CT1), and another CT (CT2) image with no contour. I would want to register CT2 to CT1 (I have done this, and now I have a registed_image (CT3)). Now I want to propagate the manual contour from CT1 to CT3.

How can I do that and which package will help.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think there is a one-step solution yet, but you can do it following these steps:

  • Download SlicerElastix extension for easy registration of your CT data
  • Make sure your “contour” is a segmentation in Slicer (if you use Segment Editor or load it from DICOM then it is, otherwise please ask)
  • Go to Data module. Clone the segmentation (right-click -> Clone). Double click the empty cell in the transforms column, and select the transform to apply it

Thanks Cpinter. I did not success with final step. transforms column is “transforms hierarchy”? and “select the transform to apply” means I have go to transform module? can you capture on steps?

You can apply transforms at various places, whichever you find the most convenient for your workflow:

  • in Data module’s “Subject hierarchy” tab as @cpinter described above (double-click in transform column).
  • in Data module’s “Transform hierarchy” by drag-and-drop
  • in Transforms module’s “Apply transform” section, by selecting nodes in the “Transformable” node tree and clicking the green arrow buttons

Thanks Lassoan and Cpinter. I did it.