Deepinfer - run time in 4.10.2 and availability in 4.11.0 (29117)

Hi again,

I’ve been trying to get DeepInfer to work in ver. 4.10.2 but either there’s something wrong or my computer is just not coping with the extension. After 40 minutes it’s still sitting at 15%, I’d imagine this is not intended?

I also have version 4.11.0 (29117) but after installing the DeepInfer extension it’s not available in the Modules. Should it be, or are we in the realm of user-based issues again?



Which part is sitting at 15%? Is it the download or running the module?

I’m not sure if DeepInfer has been tested much on 4.11. Look in the log for errors reported at startup (use the menu Help->Report a bug).