Define the user-defined item in the Stereo viewing icon of 3D view

Hi. In the user interface, the 3D view of the scene has a panel for configuring the 3D View. In the Stereo viewing icon of the panel, there are some models like Red/blue and anaglyph modes, also user defined 1, 2, and 3. Does anyone know how to program the user-defined item? I have a special stereo display device, which needs to use four views to render the display image.

This API was added in early stages of experimenting with virtual reality (it might have been for this). Nowadays we use OpenVR, OpenXR, LookingGlass, etc. renderwindow classes instead.

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Thank you very much to your nice reply. I try the LookingGlass extension, it seem what i need. But to get a right 3d perception, the LookingGlass extension need a LookingGlass device, which i donot have. What i can get now is a multiple view window. I wonder if there is a way to modify the looking glass API to achieve the 3D effect I need, without the need for looking glass hardware devices?

Yes, sure, all software (Slicer, VTK, LookingGlass remote module) are free, unrestricted open-source software, so you can modify anything locally as you see fit.