Developing Universal Viewer

I’m developing a universal viewer for all this plugins to work in concert if i need to make it commercial viewer how can i take permission from owner of the plugins
1- Total Segmentator
2- MONAI Auto3DSeg
3- OpenAnatomy
4- SegmentWithSAM
5- Segmentantbone
7- VolView
please conform

You don’t need any permission from anyone to do anything with Slicer. Most extensions come with restriction-free license, so you can do anything with those, too.

I know that all TotalSegmentator models that you can run without obtaining a license file, all MONAI Auto3DSeg, and OpenAnatomy are all freely usable, without telling anything anyone.

SegmentWithSAM, Segmentantbone, MEDSAM may be a bit immature.

I don’t know what you mean by VolView.

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