Dice dicom's image

Hello, my colleague calculate a dice with matlab with this dicom’s images, how is it possible to calculate dice on slicer 3d, i try with RT → segment comparaison but it doesn’t work.

Have a nice day !

You need to select inputs in “Input” section. The section is collapsed in the screenshot, so we cannot tell if they have been correctly set. If something else was wrong then please describe in detail what you did, what you expected to happen, and what happened instead.

There have been several Slicer-based projects for evaluating breast reconstruction (compare two sides, fat graft absorption, using CT/MRI/surface scanning, etc.), breast brachytherapy (catheter mapping, needle guide design, etc.), real-time guidance of lumpectomy, … If you describe your overall goal then we may be able to give you better high-level advice, not just telling how to use a specific module.

Where is the imput section in slicer3d please ?