DICE + HD for 5 models

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how can I calculate the HD and DICE for 5 segmented models. As a comparison, the average model of all 5 models should be used as a basis.

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You can use Segment Comparison module of SlicerRT extension.

Thanks, but this only works if you want to compare 2 models. As soon as you want to compare more than 2 models

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Why not take the average (or median, or max) of all pair-wise results?

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Thank you! That’s a good idea. I did that :slight_smile: But the question is, what could be applied as ground truth. There is the method according to RCA, however I would like to set a simpler solution.

You can’t form a median between segmentations, can you? A function with the logical operation “median” does not exist or?

There are a few ways to do it. The easiest is majority voting. So if a voxel is inside 3 of 5 segmentations, it is part of the consensus. I think you would need to use python for this.