DICOM browser without the count of images

In the new version,DICOM browser does not show the count of images in a series.

This might be due to the recent database update regarding the visual DICOM browser. What happens if you remove all the data from the database (or start a clean database) and import the patients again?

It’s quite old, I guess it’s in the ‘unexplained’ category of event. But it’s good you have highlighted it again.

It does not help unfortunately.

OK thanks! I will try to debug into this when I have a minute (I’m very busy nowadays but will try).

If you take a good look at that thread you’ll see at the bottom that it turned out to be working. Unfortunately I noticed this after wasting a lot of time with looking at older versions. So far my investigation shows that it still worked on Dec 12, 2023 (5.6.1), and it did not work on Jan 15, 2024 (the new visual DICOM browser that I suspected was introduced just after, so it’s not the culprit apparently).

For the attention of developers: I also did some debugging, which shows that the currentSeriesInstanceUid variable (element in this->UpdatedSeriesInstanceUIDs) is empty string.

By the way it is not just the image count that is broken, but also the series count on the study level. So it is possible that the display field rules do not get access any more to the updated instance UIDs.

I don’t have more time to work on this, but wanted to disclose my findings so far. I think if we find whick commit broke this instance UID access then we have a good chance of fixing this.