dicom file issue with virtual surgery planning software

I use IPS case planner for facial surgery planning.

i have issues with uploading medical ct images .dcm , error "no valid data set is recognized "
it only accepts dicom exported from Cone beam CT. which usually comes as a merged file.

is there anything i can do in slicer to transform or convert dicom files you think might work to solve this issue?


What is “IPS case planner”? Is it a Slicer module or extension; or some third-party software?

Did you try to load a DICOM series exported by Slicer into it?

Every DICOM compliant medical device has a publicly accessible DICOM conformance statement document, which states what kind of data it can read. You can usually find it by web search.

This document will tell you what kind of DICOM files the device accepts. For example, if it requires cone-beam CT, if it can accept standard CT information object (one file per slice) or requires enhanced multiframe CT information object (one file per volume).

this a third party software , yet it doesn’t allow me to upload only images i obtain from medical CT from my hospital machine . other hospital don’t have the same issue . they can upload medical CT and or CBCT .

i hate CBCT cause the artifact level is so high you can’t segment a decent model .

the developer of this software is not giving me a real solution unfortunately.

What is the exact vendor/model of the planning software? Have you found its DICOM conformance statement?

What is the vendor/model of the CT? If you can share a data set that the software does not load (phantom, animal, or anonymized patient data) then we can have a look if we see any obvious errors in it (missing file, missing field, unusual compression, special characters in names, etc.).