DICOM import fails

we are using Slicer 4.8.1 and we hve the database with 15 patients that are segmented and analyzed.
The problem that we are facing is that we are not able importing new patients images.
Despite we are following the same procedure, the result of DICOM import is the message 0 new patient, 0 new studies,0 new series, 0 new instances
Can you help us?

That message can either mean that the new data are not recognized as valid dicom or that the data already exists in the current database. You could check this by creating a new database directory and importing the data there.

Use the “more” button on the top bar to expose the directory browser to pick where to store the database.

we did it and it didn’t work
we made also empy database and tried to upload again and it doesn’t work
It created a file ctkDICOM.slq e ctkDICOMtagcache.sql but the images are not visible

In that case it must be something about your dicom files. Have a look at the suggestions in the FAQ and see if any of those help and let us know what you find.