DICOM network retrieval from PACS - automated approach possible?

Hi there,

i’ve managed to set up a PACS server connection in Slicer, image retrieval is w/o problem, listener listens and gets/stores images, they show up in local DICOM storage. So far so good, but i would like to “download” a series of thousands of images (i have patient IDs/ image IDs in .CSV file)

A, Is it possible to script the data retrieval with Python, so that i can retrieve without manually entering any data on the DICOM Query dialog interface (this)

B, if not, is it possible to add more options to the DICOM Query dialog interface (like more modalities DX,EC etc. is missing)

i found this post, based on it, what i need is to call external commands… do i?

thank you in advance,

Hi Sandor -

It’s great that this is working via the GUI. For scripting, it’s probably easiest to just use the dcmtk command line utilities directly. If you look in the slicer log you will see the command line options used for storescp that runs the listener.


Hi Steve,

thank you for the tip, i managed to retrieve the pictures with dcmtk command line utilities (after realizing that the findscu and echoscu executables are not in the Slicer3D install).

In the meanwhile i explored the source code of Slicer3D and i’ll post another, but dev. question you definitely are able to help with.

thank you,