DICOM network retrieve from PACS - selected item and download crash

Hi ,
I am trying to query and retrieve Dicom data from PACS.
Slicer Version:4.11.20210226
Win-10 Pro 64
And I have a two questions that I want to ask.

  1. please see the attached, the Series Tab
    Is there anyway to download the selected Series lists.
    It seems to download all items.
  2. Before this download, I have already downloaded 10 patient data , and it’s fine.
    But this time, the message will show ‘Got move request’, then suddenly close all windows.
    After restart Slicer, it’s the same situation.
    So I tried deleting all downloaded patient data, then the download worked fine.
    Are there any restrictions on the action of retrieve?


There have been some improvements to the CTK DICOM code since 4.11, so you could try the latest preview. I believe @rbumm has experience doing large transfers. in general it’s really hard to debug networking and PACS compatibility issues since few people have appropriate access. If you have a C++ programmer with networking experience it should be possible to diagnose what’s going on and ideally provide a fix that would benefit all users.

Are you indicating that in the end, after deleting downloaded patient data (where did you delete them ?) the transfer of that MRI was successful?

This request should be solved in 4.13 preview. There you can select individual series.

DICOM retrieval in Slicer is based on the DCMTK toolkit. If you need to have full DICOM control on your client (automatic reading from your PACS, writing to your PACS) or need to debug the network before using Slicer, this is the tool of choice for you or your DICOM specialist.

However, it would be great if we could lock down the reason for your crash in order to improve Slicer.

You have downloaded data from 10 other patients?

Hi Piper,

I will try the latest preview version.

Hi rbumm,
Yew , the transfer of that MRI was successful.

I use the Delete function to delete all patient data.


Hi rbumm,

I will try the 4.13 preview version


10 different patients.