Dicom rt save and load

I segmented a PET image and exported the segmentation as rtstruct with dicom-rt format. But, when I import the rtstruct, something goes wrong. Where is the problem, thank you for all.
屏幕截图 2023-05-10 105103

屏幕截图 2023-05-10 104842
屏幕截图 2023-05-10 104912

It may be just a visualization issue or an invalid RT structure set. If you create a binary labelmap representation and there are still artifacts then it means that the structure set is invalid. What software did you use to generate the structure set?

the structure set was generated by 3d-slicer :sweat_smile:

RT structure sets are designed for storing manually drawn polygons. It is not suitable at all for general-purpose storage of any image segmentation result. SlicerRT uses Plastimatch library to try to convert binary labelmap segmentation to polygons, but of course it can only work for simple shapes.

If you want to save segmentation into DICOM I would recommend to use DICOM Segmentation Object (exporter is provided by QuantitativeReporting extension).

You mean that I draw a too complex segmentation for dicom RT structure? I am just testing the possibility the export the segmentation to tps because our tps do not support pet image.

I’ll test some simple rois, thank you.

You are showing a coronal plane. Is the PET image oriented coronally?

Also, does the ROI have “donut-shaped” regions? What I mean is an ROI with a hole somewhere in the middle.

The roi was drawn with threshold tool, so I did get some holes.
The orientation is corrected.

Can you try again with a ROI that doesn’t have holes?

Also, which TPS is this?

I opened the rtstructure I saved using 3d-slicer.

I’ll try later, thank you

I manually draw some a voi while a hole in the middle. When I loaded the rtstructure, the hole disappeared.

I open the segmentation editor, click a tool, then i got a message, like the picture, choose yes, then the hole came back.

I also tried the complex segmentation, unfortunately, 3d-slicer does not response.
屏幕截图 2023-05-15 085500

When segmentation is displayed in 2D views using Closed surface representation (either because this is the only available representation or because this representation is chosen to be shown in Segmentations module: Display / Advanced / Representation in 2D viewsClosed surface) then filling of the contours may be incomplete and/or inverted. To avoid this, create Binary labelmap representation and choose Representation in 2D viewsBinary labelmap

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