DICOM tutorial at MICCAI 2018


(Andrey Fedorov) #1

I am excited to announce that for the second time our enthusiastic team of experts, consisting of David Clunie, Marco Nolden and myself, is bringing the DICOM tutorial to the MICCAI conference! Our goal is to introduce the MICCAI community to the DICOM capabilities, relevant open source tools and datasets, to help you implement standardized storage of the data typically produced in the process of quantitative image analysis (specifically, image segmentation results, measurements, radiomics features, parametric maps). We will demonstrate how DICOM can, and we believe should, be used for storing your processing results. After completing this tutorial, attendees are expected to develop an understanding of the relevant new and long-established capabilities of the DICOM standard, as well as some of the tools that they can use to experiment with adoption of the standard in their everyday research. For details and voluntary pre-registration see http://qiicr.org/dicom4miccai.

Wouldn’t you want to know why anyone would be excited about DICOM? Join us to learn why! :smile:

(Candace Moore) #2

Is there any way you can make a video (anyone with a good cellphone?) of parts of this tutorial as it happens?

(saima safdar) #3

Dear Andrey,

Is there any facility for attending the session online?

I have started my PhD and I am working with slicer. I am new to the field. I am keen to attend the session.

Thank you


Saima Safdar

(Andrey Fedorov) #4

No, MICCAI does not provide an option for online attendance, and there will be no recording of this session.

We will make all materials publicly available after the event.

You can also see the materials from the last year’s tutorial linked from the schedule on this page: http://qiicr.org/dicom4miccai/dicom4miccai2017.html.