Dicom volumes do not appear in the inputselector

Operating system: windows
Slicer version: 4.11
Expected behavior: we are using the extension wizard, “create module”. The default generated inputselector should accept any volume from the scene, indipendently from the source file type (DICOM, nii,…)
Actual behavior: the inputselector allows only volumes from NOT dicom files to be selected: dicom volumes do not appear in the list showed by the inputselector

What modality is the DICOM you loaded and don’t find in the selector?

They are MRI volume. We tried with CT and it works. The problem seems with mri.

By default the volume selector accepts scalar volumes. Your MRI is a different type, for example an RGB image (typical for secondary captures, such as screenshots), tensor volume, or multi-volume (time sequence). You can specify multiple node classes for your node selector to display, or let the user know that only scalar volumes are accepted.

By defoult the dicom importer set the DICOM volume as ‘DWI volume’ and not scalar.
we have changed the property to scalr volume and now it works, so many thank for your quick and effective reply!