Airway segmentation can not select dicom volume

I am a new slicer user. I have already loaded Dicom data , and I can edit the dicom volume in Editor Effect.But I found that if I try to use Extensions like Airway Segmentation or LungCT Segmenter, the CT volume selector became invalid, which means I can’t use Airway Segmentation Module to edit dicom data.

Like this image, there is nothing in the CT volume selector box. But I can see this CT in “data” module .
How can I solve this problem? Is there something wrong with my operation?
Hope to get your help, very grateful!

it’ possible your dicom data loaded as a mutlivolume rather than a scalar volume. This post might help, but you can also search for others on the optic if that’s what it turns out to be.

Thank you,I tried your way and successfully to load Dicom data in Airwaysegmentation module! Thanks for your help very much!