DICOM Web module?

My team is interested in needing an example of a DICOM WEB function. Does Slicer have a module that I can set up to illustrate DICOM WEB functionality? I hope that question makes sense as I don’t have experience with DICOM WEB. :slight_smile:


Do you mean searching and loading data via DICOMweb? Yes, there’s this extension: GitHub - lassoan/SlicerDICOMwebBrowser: 3D Slicer extension for browsing and downloading medical imaging collections from DICOMweb databases

There’s also a very experimental implementation of exposing Slicer’s dicom database as a DICOMweb server, but probably you don’t want that.

Slicer core has two built-in DICOMweb features:

  1. Use a custom URL and DICOMweb to open a DICOM study directly from a web browser. This is how you can open Slicer from Kheops website.
  2. You can push DICOM series via DICOMweb from the DICOM module.

DICOMweb extension provides a DICOMweb browser that can browse a remote server content and download content to the local DICOM database.

You can find step-by-step instructions for all the above in this PerkLab bootcamp tutorial.

@lassoan, Thanks for the info!