Different size image registration

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I have to register two MRIs that represent the same patient (who is always in the same position). Note that one image is larger than the other as it represents a larger portion of the body.

I roto-translated the larger image in order to obtain an “initial manual registration” and everything is fine until this point.

Then, I applied the General Registration (BRAINS) to refine the initial registration. The results is a cropped image: the larger image is cropped to the same size as the smaller one. This is undesired since I would need the extra portion of the body originally provided by my larger image.

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Can you just swap which one is fixed and moving?

Or you can use brains to calculate the transform and use it instead of the resampled image.

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I’ve experienced many times that otherwise very stable registration methods (such as Elastix with default bspline parameter set) failed to converge if one image covered a significantly larger portion of the patient than the other. I would recommend to crop the images to cover approximately the same anatomical region. You can still apply the computed transformation to the entire original image.

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Thank you very much for your replies.

How can I visualize the computed transform? I cannot find it after applying the registration (BRAIN). I expect to find a 4x4 matrix.

Moreover, will this transformation matrix refer also to the initial roto-translation (“initial manual alignment” mentioned above)? In other words, shall I apply the transformation matrix to the original volume or to the volume which I obtained after the “initial manual alignment”? If it is the second case, how does the matrix change?

You can see all transforms in Transforms module. If you computed a composite transform (e.g., linear+bspline) then you need to open “Information” section. To edit linear component of a composite transform, you need to split it first then choose the linear transform node.