DIR: Cost function value modification

Operating system: Windows7
Slicer version:4.7.0
My current goal is to get a better deformable image registration (DIR). The settings for Percentage Of Samples, Maximum Step Length and Minimum Step Length are: 1, 0.005 and 0.001 respectively. I think I have no other choice than modifying the Cost Function Convergence Factor (CFCF). My assumption is if I decrease the CFCF, my registration will improve, i.e. finer features register better. (Please let me know if my assumption is wrong.) Below is the CFCF I talk about:image. Is there any tutorial talking about how to modify the CFCF value? Thanks a lot.

Optimizing “General Registration (BRAINS)” module’s parameters requires lots of experimentation. If you can find a registration problem similar to yours in the Registration case library then you can use that as a starting point.

You may also try SlicerElastix extension, which uses Elastix library for registration. Based on my experience, Elastix gives good registration results with default parameters, without any tuning (of course tuning may further improve results or decrease calibration time).

If you write more about your end goal then we can give more specific advice.

Thank you Lassoan for your advice. I tried Plastimatch plug in and it give me good result. But I have another problem. Let me open another topic. Thx.