Disappearing of Canal and Implant

I’m struggling on the functions of Canal and Implant.
I know Canal has two display node entities of ModelDisplay and MarkupsFiducialDisplay as well as Implant.
The problem is when I created Canal or Implant and click measurement button or panorama button or implant button twice then there disappears curve of canal and shape of implant in 2D slice views.
Just only fiducial markers are left in the Slice view. 3D view is keeping all the shapes and curves.
I’m wondering is it intended and how can I keep curves of Canal or Implant here.
It seems Slice view keeps only fiducial nodes other than model nodes.
Let me attach screenshots for understanding.


Which extension/module is this?
Since Slicer core now natively supports curves (vtkMRMLMarkupsCurveNode), I would recommend to use them instead of generating models from markups fiducials.