Displacement vector from a deformable reg; WARNING inverse innaccuate

Slicer 4.8.1
Windows 10

Hi there,

I am doing research regarding deforming dose distributions and have questions about the warning you can receive regarding inverse displacement vectors.

The warning is - Warning: inverse is inaccurate! (see attached image)!Alpha_29_inverse_inaccurate

I am curious (i.e., the mathematics behind) how slicer determines that the inverse is inaccurate? Or, is this warning encoded in the DICOM metadata somewhere?

Many thanks

The warning is displayed when the forward and inverse transform at the mouse pointer position is not consistent: applying forward then the inverse transform result in non-zero translation.

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Great - makes sense now of course! Thank you!

Sorry one more question, is there a method with Slicer to export deformable spatial registrations to DICOM? I can’t seem to export these files, even if they are grouped in a patient (see attached)

Many thanks!


You need to install SlicerRT extension to be able to save the displacement field as a DICOM spatial registration object.

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