Display segment names on images

Is there a way to display segment names on every slice in a way similar to annotations on e-anatomy? (see attached image) The verbiage gets confusing because “label” and “annotation” already have different meanings in Slicer, but I essentially want to annotate my segmentation for the purposes of creating an anatomy reference.



You can use Markups module to mark points and assign a label to each point. The layout is not flexible: label is always displayed near the marked point.

You could write a short Python script to create markups automatically for a selected slice. For example, it could place a markup in the center of gravity of each segment. You could then move the markups manually as needed.


Also, dependent on the look-up table that you use, you could associate anatomical names with particular labels. On mouse over those names are displayed in the - data probe area of slicer
I used the brain atlas as example. It comes with its own custom look-up table.



Download the brain atlas: http://www.spl.harvard.edu/publications/item/view/2037

Standalone viewer: http://openanatomy.org/

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Thanks for the suggestions. Sounds like that specific functionality isn’t available at this point. As a feature request, just a checkbox in the Segment Editor saying “Display visible segment names” would be awesome for creating educational content.

This would be certainly nice to have and would be happy to help anyone who would have some time to work on this.

In the meantime, we are starting a project on improving Slicer’s segmentation/atlas export to Open Anatomy. This may make the information almost as easily accessible as static images, but offer much more flexibility.