Display text in a 3D view

I want to display text in a 3D View, but I don’t want to use the Corner Annotation Module. I would like to create a text box in a 3D View (for example as a new model). Is it possible?
Thanks in advance!

Markups fiducials can display text in 3D view at a specific 3D position. You can hide the markup point glyph and just show the text.

Thank you, Andras. I’ve already tried the way you mention, but the thing is that I want it to look like a corner annotation. That´s why I was asking.

If you want it to look like a corner annotation then it may be a good idea to use a corner annotation. Does it have any limitations that prevent you from using it?

Maybe you can have a look at the Watchdog module in SlicerIGT extension, which displays tool status information during surgical navigation in viewers, similarly to corner annotations, but with custom color, font size, and positioning.

Sorry, I think I haven’t explained myself correctly. I created a Module which generates model objets. I need each model to display text information in the 3D View when the eye icon is open.

Displaying text as polygon is really bad, due to occlusion. You can see it for yourself in Slicer-4.10 markup labels.

Can you draw a sketch or photoshop an image that show what you would like to achieve?