Display transform using Python

I’m trying to display segmentation using python just like in this image

However, in the doc, the link to the display section is dead (dead link )

I can’t find doc or the code for the display part of the transform module

If somebody knows where the code is or where I can find documentation for the display transform part that would be very usefull

This is the full link:

Where did you see the other link? If it was in the source code these get configured to full URLs when the page is built and deployed.

Here is where I found the link

Thank you for the link, but I already found this page. I’m looking for developper information since I want to display transform in a script.
I want to answer questions like
“How do I programmaticaly change the scale factor?”

I was hoping that the dead link was a link to the Github page

There are API docs here: https://apidocs.slicer.org/main/

But generally this approach works well:


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Thank you, Imanaged to find the answer to my questions