Transforms tool

Hi! I am new to Slicer. I am trying to use transforms tool to orient and fix my segmentation in **3D viewer **, I need help for any document or tutorial or if someone can explain procedure will be appreciated. I didn’t find any tutorial on YouTube.

I have an example of image from another article, but I don’t think so if it’s possible to show images from a published article without authorization. Thanks!

By modifying transforms, you fix registration results. You can fix segmentation using Segment Editor module. So, it is not clear which tool you would like to use. Could you describe what you would like to achieve?

Usually you don’t need to ask for permission to reproduce small parts of a paper for scholarly discussion.

Thank you for your response. Let send you pictures what I want to perform using transforms tool, and I hope someone can explain step by step how to achieve it. Thanks!

This is a quick tutorial showing how to reset the 3D view and how to use Transform module, you need to create a transform, chose the segmentation to transform(arrow), edit transform settings, then harden (apply) the transform

Thank you for your answer.