Display two sagittal views

Hello! I’m new here but I also have a question about the viewing of the slices. Personally, I need a 3D, red, green and 2 yellow (views) at the same time. What I’m trying to see is the position of two implants inside a bone so I need one sagittal view for each implant and the intersections to view them on the 3D model. I don’t know if that could be possible and I realize something like that can probably be custom made by a python code but I don’t know how to create one.

It should be no problem at all. There are many view layouts to choose from and you can freely choose view orientation for each slice view (e.g., you can have two sagittal views). If you want to display certain nodes in certain views only then the easiest is to drag-and-drop the implant model into the views where you want to see them.