Distance from fiducial to a plane

  1. I have a CBCT data, and I want to measure distance from a given fiducial to a plane. I tried extension of “Angle Planes”, but I could not add scene before continuing to manage planes.
  2. Is there any extension for measuring the distance between a given fiducial to a plane?

Thank you in advance.

You can write a script easily that gets distances of points F from a plane P (by transforming the points to the plane’s coordinate system and get the third coordinate value):

planeNode = getNode('P')
fiducialNode = getNode('F')

planeToWorld = vtk.vtkMatrix4x4()
points_World = arrayFromMarkupsControlPoints(fiducialNode)
points_Plane = np.dot(np.linalg.inv(arrayFromVTKMatrix(planeToWorld)), np.append(points_World, np.ones([4,1]), axis=1).T)
distances = points_Plane[2]