Do extension offline

Dear developers,
I want to make and test the extension written by myself, the extension was coded with python so I think it does not needed to be built but I am confused which step I should move to.
I use extension Wizard to create it,

Should I move to this step?

However I think I dont have path of Slicer-SuperBuild-Release cause I did not build anything.
Best wishes,

A Python-scripted module does not require building to run it.

For testing, you can click the “Reload and test” button in the module GUI.

For packaging (create an extension package file) you currently need to build Slicer application and your extension. Packaging of extensions that only contain Python-scripted modules is mostly just gathering some version metadata and copying source files to appropriate locations. Therefore, it would not be too hard to make it work even without a build tree, but currently this is not supported. You can create a topic in the feature request category and if it gets enough votes then we’ll work on it.

Actually I run it successfully already, but I want to try it for further download in extension manager, to be honest this topic is existed called WMA, maybe I should build Slicer app to test. Thanks a lot.