Does SlicerVirtualReality work with 5.6?

I have a colleague who is interested in trying SlicerVirtualReality for visualization of cardiac data. I don’t have any experience trying to use Slicer with VR because I don’t have the equipment, but I know I have seen examples here on the forum. However, SlicerVirtualReality does not show up on the list of possible extensions in the Extension Manager on 5.6. Is there currently an incompatibility?

It is currently Windows only (it requires Steam and SteamVR). What operating system does your colleague use?

Sorry it seems that currently it is not available on Windows either, see CDash

Apparently the extension was not updated to follow VTK updates. Engineers at Kitware are working to completely overhaul the backend of VR/AR in VTK (and thus Slicer), so it is possible that keeping the extension functional until then is not a priority.

Also worth following this: No SlicerVirtualReality extension built for Slicer 5.6.0 (Windows) · Issue #126 · KitwareMedical/SlicerVirtualReality · GitHub

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