Donate head MRI (T1) to sample dataset

I have a nice T1 MRI of my head (acquired for an experiment) that would like to share with the Slicer community via the sample dataset. What would be the best way to do this? I don’t have any concerns about anonymization.

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Hi - thanks for the offer - we don’t really have a formal process for that. If it’s your data and you feel comfortable you could put it on google drive or similar and post a link.

But I think most hospitals and other institutions would be really (overly?) cautious about accepting and hosting it just to avoid confusion or other potential issues.

Here’s a nice example of a place set up to share volunteer scans, but it’s just lung images. Maybe someone knows of a similar effort for other individual people’s images? Most of the sites I know of share group cohorts from research studies where the funding covers the legal issues around sharing the data (like OpenfMRI, xnat central, ADNI, connectome, etc).

Okay, sounds good. Here’s a dropbox link: Feel free to add it to the sample data. If anyone knows of somewhere else I can upload it, let me know!

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