CT head data set contribution

I’ve received an offer from someone for contributing his own head CT into the Slicer sample data sets. Is there anything special to do, or I can just anonymize, convert to nrrd, and upload?

Might be worth considering to crop or blur the face if it is a high-resolution acquisition.

If it were me, I would feel comfortable to anonymize
and upload in a manner that respects the wishes of the contributor.

That being said, there are hypothetical concerns, such as the
contributor later claiming that he didn’t authorize his medical data
made public.

Anyone know what “Give a scan” or other organizations do?

We don’t have any specific guidelines other than being thoughtful and deliberate. The examples in the training sets and SampleData modules were made available by people who felt the value of making the data public outweighed the risks.

OK. I’ll just keep the email from the person that declares that the data set is donated to the public domain.

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