Don't know how to use Fast marching

Hi! I try to work with “fast marching” from segmentation extension but when I press initialize button, nothing happens. What I am doing wrong?

Seed your segment first.

:))) was the first thing I did.

Try to follow this short tutorial, using the exact same data set, painting similar seed in a similar location. If it works then try to do things similarly in your data set.

If you run into problems then you may post a screen capture video or an example scene file (saved as .mrb) so that we can have a better idea why it does not behave as you expect.

Note that Fast marching works well for easy segmentation problems: when there is a very clear strong contrast difference between the object of interest and the background. For non-trivial segmentation tasks, you may get better results with “Grow from seeds” or “Local thresholding” methods - and there are a number of others. Let us know what you want to segment, on what imaging modality, for what purpose and we can make more specific recommendations.